Amanda is inspirational


Amanda, just when I thought I “sort of” started to get to know you and how lovely and inspirational your words are through your posts: here you are sharing the most vulnerable part of you that I consider to be a gift. I moved to the US is 2007 a happy healthy woman with a 6 year old and I had created an abundant financial life for myself through lots of hard work. I got married over in the US. I returned in 2012 broken, under-nourished, deeply depressed, no self worth, financially ruined and what’s worse, without my daughter. Everyday I was told the same as you. But there’s an incredible story only few know. I’m honoured to share this with Amanda – I can find strength in sharing and from your website. I can share this with other women I know in similar circumstances. Thank you, Amanda.

Susan Robb – via WordPress comments