Thank you

I am confident to say that the success of your help, sacrifice and commitment for CEN Africa refugees, will not only heal but will make a difference in the lives of many victims in our ailing world.  But also be a voice that will be told throughout the refugee world. Kaskil Ibrahim, CEN Africa - … Continue reading Thank you

CEN Africa Refugees

Keep telling these stories Amanda. This is how more people can learn about their lives. My heart goes out to them every time I read another story and it makes me feel truly blessed and grateful for what I have. Melodrama - via WordPress comments

Amanda is inspirational

Amanda, just when I thought I “sort of” started to get to know you and how lovely and inspirational your words are through your posts: here you are sharing the most vulnerable part of you that I consider to be a gift. I moved to the US is 2007 a happy healthy woman with a … Continue reading Amanda is inspirational