Art Therapy – Mental Health Awareness

Using Art Therapy to cope with Mental Health issues, is not a new idea, it was first recognised in the mid-20th century.  British artist, Adrian Hill was the first person to call it ‘Art Therapy’ in 1942.  Adrian was in a sanatorium recovering from tuberculosis.  With nothing to do while convalescing, he decided to paint.

He found it relaxing and it also helped with his emotional state, as it gave him something to focus on.  He soon suggested that his fellow patients also take up painting.  And, as they say the rest is history.

Some of the benefits of art therapy are –
– reduce stress
– can improve self-confidence
– improve verbal and written communication skills
– helps with motor skills and hand, eye co-ordination

There are many other benefits and the beauty of art therapy, is you don’t have been good at drawing or painting.  It’s about expressing your emotions through drawing by using your imagination.

Lisa is one person who can definitely praise the benefits of drawing as a way to cope with depression and other forms of mental health issues.  She draws during her dark periods to help her overcome them.

Lisa now helps other people in her community, to express their emotions through drawing.

You can contact Lisa via Twitter – Lisa P Creates

All drawings are subject to copyright as they are the property of Lisa P Creates. 

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