They said ‘sorry’, so it won’t happen again… yes it will 


I stopped at the local McDonalds Café for a latte. As I was walking in I heard a guy screaming abuse at a girl. She was cowing in a corner crying and yelling, ‘leave me alone’.

There were a couple of tradies walking in front of me and one of the guys yelled out that he was calling the police. Like the coward he is the guy ran off leaving her behind.

The tradie told her to go inside McDonalds to be safe.  Inside the café, another young man and I made sure she was okay. And, some kind person brought her food and a coffee.

Humanity at its finest came out, strangers showing kindness. Will it stop her from going back? Maybe but probably not.

To everyone out there who is being belittled and abused, let me tell you from experience they will never change.

Things will only get worse. You have to take responsibility for your life and leave. Only you can do that.

No more excuses –

  • Yes, they do mean it
  • No, they won’t change
  • No, it’s not because they are stressed or having a bad day
  • No, you don’t love them. You think you do, but it’s not love
  • And, no they don’t love you. What they love is having someone to blame for their inadequacies
  • I have no money, where will I live.

These are excuses and not a reason for staying.

When I finally left, I had no job, no money, no furniture and no where to live. But I did it and I put my life back together. And, living with nothing while I rebuilt my life was the happiest time. As I was in control of my life.

If I could have taken this young girl home with me I would have. I would have given her the coping skills to stand on her two feet. But until she can acknowledge that she’s being abused there is nothing I or anyone else can do to help her.

Yes you can leave and get your life back.

They said sorry, so it won’t happen again.  Yes it will.  And, they’ll say sorry again and again.  Stop believing their lies and start believing in yourself and leave.  You deserve better.