Hidden Harm – a survivor’s story of living with drug addict parents


Veronica Cook is an ordinary lady, who has lived and extraordinary life. She grew up with parents who were addicted to heroin.

Personally, I can’t imagine or understand the many difficulties she faced growing up with drug addict parents. The emotional and mental challenges she had to cope with.

Even after reading her book it’s still difficult for me to imagine what her childhood was like. And, I’m sure that many of her emotions haven’t been conveyed in her book.

I congratulate any person who makes themselves vulnerable by sharing their traumatic story for the sole purpose of educating and inspiring others in similar situations. It takes a certain amount of courage and bravery to do this.

So it is my honour and pleasure to recommend Veronica’s book… it is raw and honest and written from the perspective of a young girl who struggled to have a ‘normal’ life.

Thank you, Veronica for sharing your courageous story with me.

img_3518Hidden Harm – a survivor’s story of living with drug addict parents by Veronica Cook

Veronica is a survivor, her childhood experiences were challenging, but she has come through trauma and heartache with a message for others in drug taking families. She always wanted a normal life, which she now has with her own loving family. She is reaching out to help others like her.

In Hidden Harm Veronica Cook writes a biographical account of the difficulties of life growing up with parents who are drug addicts. The story is harrowing and upsetting at times but ultimately incredibly rewarding and an inspiration to others who may find themselves in Veronica’s situation.

The book covers the early life of Veronica and her sisters where we learn of their parents’ drug abuse and income from dealing drugs. Veronica describes a life surrounded by drugs, punters and a fear of the police; at an early age she is asked to cut up and measure heroin for a punter as she shakes with fear.

Veronica is desperate for her parents to be clean and when the family bring their yacht back from Turkey this appears to be a possibility, but it is not to be and Veronica goes to Mexico to experience life for herself.

A life of drug abuse eventually leads to her mother’s death through a dirty needle, and Veronica must make the difficult choice between her loyalty to the family she grew up with or a future with her husband, children and her sanity.

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