Dreams Deferred… Though my dreams lie dormant, they never dried-up! 

I first connected with Fayton Hollington on LinkedIn many years ago. During that time we have communicated occasionally. Just quick updates on what’s happening in our lives and ‘how are you’.

During that time I’ve also had the honour of receiving sneak previews of Fayton’s latest novel or article.

What I like about Fayton is that writes with clarity, telling the reader exactly how it is. And, in a world where there is so much uncertainly it’s refreshing.

Fayton is an award winning Actor, Poet, Novelist and Spoken Word Artist, SAG-AFTRA. Author of award winning memoir, ‘Conception of a Dialysis Patient’, (the untold truths), was well received by critics and publishers.

His latest novel published this year is titled ‘Indignation’, kicking fiction into a realm of unsettling candour!

With his permission, I’m honoured to publish his latest poem ‘Dreams Deferred’. Anyone who has had to put their dreams on hold will relate to the beautiful poem.

Dreams deferred…

faytonIf you should take a raisin, place it out in the sun, it’ll dry up and prune more, than the raisin will be done. What happens to a dream when it’s left alone to shrivel to the size of a bean, and wallow for an infinite amount of time, will it ever have the chance to once again, shine…

What happens to a dream is that it lies subdued in the now tainted soul of the spirit as we pray, day to day, and year to year, for that time; when the day shall come that the boisterous sounds of our dreams can once again run.

Tethered they sit; at a machine, whose sole objective is to sustain human life, making it damn near impossible, and in some cases powerless to dream. But they fight the urge, and pray to the heavens that this stagnant demise on this dialysis ride will somehow be shortened; so that there dormant dreams could be awakened with a simple breeze of a sprits tease. They must constantly meditate on the positive, so as not to drown in the negative, which is easy, some may say.

Countless have been inducted into the world of dialysis, all of whose dreams have been deferred; deferred so far outside of human control, it’s a wonder if their circumstance will ever allow them to be whole, again with their chins up high gazing clear to the sky, for what their reality dictates will continue to die…

Yet, one by one we are tweaked, and pulled from that chair by a questionable force, that I personally knew was always there; to be returned to life’s mission, with hope to spare.

I have lived this life for eight plus years before my prayers were answered, and I am once again free, to walk proud and tall with my new kidney. My dreams were deferred for some time you see, but my faith stayed strong for the days were long. My unrelenting fight, for that vision of dialysis freedom was clearly in sight.

Though my dreams lie dormant, they never dried-up, they’re now seeded in the forefront of my mind geared-up and ready to shine, with a brightness so luminous one could barely see, but my eyes were wide open because I’m spiritually free. Free to dream, and dream, and dream, and dream. I am that raisin; my dreams are the sun, keeping me vibrant and alert, so when the time comes I can run; like the wind.

Award winning Actor/Author/Poet – Fayton Hollington

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