What is Happiness? 


img_3515I love Aniket Patil’s articles, he writes from the heart and his messages are timeless. So it is with great pleasure that I publish his latest article titled, ‘What is Happiness?’

What is Happiness? – written by Aniket Patil
What do you mean when you ask people, ‘Hey are you happy?’ Diverse is this world and diverse are the definitions of happiness.

As languages change at different places on this earth, so does the reasons and definition of happiness. Not only does the place but also the conditions in which people are decide what gives them happiness. The worst the conditions, the easier it is to be happy.

A business tycoon feels happy after buying a Rolls Royce. An employee feels happy when he gets a raise. A teenager feels happy when he parties and boozes with friends all night long. A child feels happy when he gets a toy or a burger for lunch. You may feel happy when you shop all day long and come back home.

  • But are you really happy after doing all these things?
  • Is smiling for a minute or two, happiness?
  • Is just yelling and shouting, happiness?
  • Is happiness that shallow?
  • Is happiness that small a thing?
  • Is happiness that small a concept?
  • Is happiness just a play of hormones?
  • If not, then what is it? Ask yourself this question.

For me happiness is when I see people I don’t know smiling because of me. The true smile, the love in their eyes when they see a stranger making efforts to make their life better is the purest and the most precious thing that god has ever made.

If you think that only beggars or handicaps or orphans or abandoned old people need a pole star in their lives, look around yourself? Aren’t we all handicaps?

This world is ruled and controlled by people having maladjusted psych, the level of which can go from .1-100. People today are carrying a huge burden of self-hatred, guilt, insecurity and self-doubt consciously and sub-consciously. And I assure you they don’t need an elaborate mechanism to fight all these things.

What they need is a helping hand. A helping hand, which won’t necessarily make things right but will always, be there.

BE THAT HELPING HAND. The feelings that this will give you, that’s happiness. When you will help someone and that person will expect you to ask for something in return and you will say, ‘Nah, You just take care’, the expression of surprise and love in those eyes will give you a feeling that nothing else can. When your eyes start getting wet.

You will feel suffocated. You will get a lump in your throat, you will smile with tears rolling down your cheek, and your mind will be thoughtless. You will be at peace knowing that you have made a difference in somebody’s life. It is like floating on a lake; calm, light, effortless and rejuvenating.

And this state where you are content with what you are then, when you have a tearful smile, when you feel warm throughout…… this, my friend is happiness.