Our life purpose is to learn from our past and leave the world in a better place for future generations – Amanda Ray


When I received Kabange Numbi’s story, I read it with tears in my eyes. Thinking how can someone experience so much violence and trauma in their life and then turn around to help others?

It showed and validated to me, the true meaning of life.

We are here on this earth to help humanity become better human beings, to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

The world doesn’t evolve around us. If that was the purpose of our lives, then God (the Universe or whatever your belief is) wouldn’t have created ‘Inspirational Leaders’.

Leaders, whose purpose is to spread the word of hope, kindness and peace while, guiding the world towards creating social change for all of humanity.

I think about our current world Leaders… unfortunately, I don’t have too much respect for some of them. Yet when I think about the refugees, that I have been chosen to be their voice, I hold them in the highest regard. They have earned my respect.

Not because they have endured unspeakable acts of violence but because of it. Not once have they said, ‘poor me’. Not once have they asked for refugee status or handouts. Instead, they are building a better community for future generations.

So how can I show the world, that all they ask for is an education? What do people want to read about?

They want to hear and read motivational stories, stories that provide hope for a better world.

Kabange is trying to do just that, she is doing what she can with limited English and education to provide hope for her community and fellow refugees. Therefore, on purpose I haven’t included the acts of hatred and violence that she and her children endured at the hands of Rebel soldiers.

In her last part, she writes how no one helped her, how the system failed all refugee women and how she and the other refugees are now standing tall, with pride and hope.

You want more stories that motivate and inspire – then do something to help others, be that change, be the voice to the world.

Don’t think you can, then read Kabange’s courageous story and know that the only thing stopping you, is you!

1… And when we denied their opinion the men wanted to eliminate our life through poison but God was on our side, they sent their 10 years boy, gave him poison to put into the food while my children were at tap.

Some of my children coming from tap found the boy getting out of the house. And the two little children told their big sisters that the neighbour’s little boy opened that food…

It was my food— my food. As I ate it not knowing what, with my two last children, God! A few minutes later, each of us started to have severe diarrhoea, that took us three months to realize that we consumed poison…as after being treated and were found consuming poison…it took us six months to heal, grace to our rotating savings and loans groups, I was able to pay for six months….

2005 I worked with the IRC, in the GBV department, where I am not even confident to say whether I was working or just spending a day in the office filling out the forms of unresolved problems.

Refugees women were all disappointed to bring their cases to our office due to the fact that there was a certain aspect of LAISSEZ-ALLEZ (English translation: carelessness) in the case processing. Why?

Many cases of domestic violence were recorded in the office justified for the name of women protection, and submitted cases to my national officers, who in turn were just piling them onto their files, little to no of those cases, were solved as consequence.


Can you imagine How ashamed and unrest and even frustrated I was always getting? Always meeting with people whose case you know, asking you what is going on about their cases and just simply repeating the same words your superior told you at the time of submission, “SUBIRI” ( English translation: BE PATIENT), until now.

In those days no one wanted to come to the office to address their problems.

In 2015, to fully assist my fellow refugee community, I decided to join one of CEN’s refugee network organizations in Rotating and Savings Credits groups, urging and encouraging women survivors, from lower income families to join it, no matter the small start-ups capital we get.

And finally was interesting in joining Non Violence Communication Training provide counselling, I engage problem solving training in most families from different grassroots but a lot is still needed to fully provide and extend our services to different corner of the camp where violence against humans is occurring in different facets in our refugee community.

Kabange like many refugees are not ashamed to share their stories with the world. The purpose and intention is that their stories will motivate people to reach out and offer help.

The help they need is with educational books and materials. By gaining an education they realise that future generations, will be able to make a difference in their country. 

They can have a voice to change laws and policies. Their vision and goal is that Africa will one day stand tall and be considered a Western Modern country.

If you can help Kabange and her fellow refugees gain the education they so desperately want then please go to my GoFundMe page – Giving Hope Project even $5 will change a life and future.