Giving Hope… giving Hope to people is Priceless! 


Giving HopeSometimes I wonder if anyone reads my articles. And, just when I feel that I’m not making a difference, life will teach me that I am.

I received a message on SOARConfidence Facebook page from, Kaganda F Jones. It simply said, ‘thank you’.  

I asked what he was thanking me for. He replied, ‘I am a refugee from Nyarugusu. I know you work hard to raise our voice to the world’.

Today, he contacted me again and said his English teacher, Jane Lawson from England wants to connect with me.

I asked more about her and how he knew her. And, that’s when he told me about his endeavour and how Jane is assisting.

Learning English is critical for refugees as it means they can obtain an education. This gives them a purpose in life, where currently they don’t have one. They live in camps, no money, no education and no future.

Violence and teenage pregnancies are all there is to fill their days. But with an education they can learn to be responsible young adults. They can go to university and become doctors, lawyers or teachers.

When I’ve interviewed many of them, they all say how they want to learn. Because they know the only way they can build a future for their country is through education.

And, they are helping themselves… In 2012, the Nyarugusu DailyStep English Club in Tanzania was formed.

Kaganda would invite refugees to sit and share opinions on what they believed was needed to help them. Learning English was the main thing they all agreed on.

And, that was the start of the English club but due to lack of facilities and books things didn’t go well.

Until Jane became involved with the club in 2016. Jane became their greatest supporter by donating her time, energy and money in providing books and English lessons.

Now with new hope and motivation, the club was well on it’s way.

As members grew it was realised that a proper school building was required to cater for the growing number of students.

Again, the efforts of English teacher Jane Lawson assisted them. Jane set up a Crowdfunding campaign to help raise money to build a school.

Unfortunately, like my own GoFundMe campaign raising donations is difficult.

So I look forward to joining forces with Jane in getting the message out there to the world. To give hope to young people who don’t have a good future to look forward too.

Nyarugusu DailyStep English Clubs vision

  1. To help young refugees to learn English as a key of communication and development
  2. To help young pregnant girls and mothers, get an education. As normal schools won’t allow them to attend (they are seen as a disgrace, yet many became pregnant by being raped)
  3. To encourage refugees especially those who are considered by the community as being disadvantaged to due poor English skills or home life.