So you want to be a positive person? A glass half full type of person…


You attend every motivational workshop you can find and spend hours reading personal growth books. Yet, your life is still the same.

You can read and listen to hundreds of motivational speakers. But unless your mind and heart are open and free from judgement, then you won’t learn a thing from them.

Sure you might feel motivated but as the days and weeks of everyday life continue, your motivation will slowly drop away. And, you might find yourself every once in a while, reciting a saying or quote that you remembered… that doesn’t make you a glass half full type of person!

Reality is… you are only reciting someone else’s quote.

Now if you believe what you are saying and you demonstrate it in your everyday life, then that’s different. But I’ve found many people don’t. They know the words but they don’t feel them in their heart.

So before you embark on your personal growth journey, ask yourself these questions.

  • Am I prepared, to accept others as they, without wanting them to change?
  • Am I prepared, to let go of the need to always be right?
  • Am I prepared, to not judge people based on the colour of their skin, religious belief or culture?
  • Am I prepared, to look in the mirror and acknowledge my mistakes? Then forgive myself and others?
  • Am I prepared, to accept responsibility for my life?

If you can’t honestly say yes to all these questions then do yourself a favour and don’t waste your money on going to hear a motivational speaker or buying books.

Because, your life will not magically change until you are prepared to do what it takes to change it.

You need to embrace everything, not just learn it but live it every day, day in – day out. Be accountable for yourself, your words and actions.

It’s a way of life not a half day workshop, or event and then ‘hey pesto, you are a positive person’. You have to live, breathe, sleep, eat and believe it in your heart. Walk the walk, talk the talk!

It’s also important to find the right motivational speaker, someone who ‘Walks the Walk. Talks the Talk’.

If you are going to trust someone with your most important asset – you! Then spend time researching the right person to guide you on your journey.

I’ve meet people who claim to be motivational speakers. And, in private have heard them criticise and judge other people. These speakers charge up to $200+ for an event! And, people pay to see and hear them.

I occasionally receive emails from motivational speakers, claiming to be International Keynote Speakers, inviting me to a free half day workshop.

It’s a marketing trick, you go along and hear how they can help you be a motivational speaker. How they want to help you and others reach your personal best.

Then low and behold, the next thing they are doing is trying to sell you their 3-day workshop or boot camp for a small price of $4,000!

It’s not about you or you reaching your personal best. It’s about them and making money.

The other little trick that some will use to help promote their Life Coaching business is to post a quote from a world known motivational or inspirational leader on their timeline. And, people will like it and leave comments, like ‘you are so motivational’ etc.

People wake up, they didn’t write the quote. All they did was copy, save and then post it on their timeline. Nothing motivational or inspiring about that!

img_3426-1Look for someone who truly inspires you, not motivates but Inspires You!

A person you admire and respect.

They could even be someone in your life, so don’t discount your family, friends or social network connections.