The hand bag that keeps giving… a little Kindness goes a long way! 

img_3363A hand bag that keeps giving joy and happiness… Yes a ladies hand bag!

Like most females, I like hand bags and I update them every so often. I brought this beautiful bag. But I’m a practical person and after a month or so I realised it wasn’t functional. As it didn’t go with all my outfits.

So I brought a new one that’s more suitable for all outfits.

I gave the other bag to a friend, as she loved it. I wouldn’t accept any money for it, I was just happy to give it to her.

Well, this bag just keeps giving my friend so much joy. She is constantly being told, ‘what a beautiful bag’

She just texted me a moment ago to say, ‘I had another 2 compliments on the bag!’

Who would have thought a bag would generate so many compliments! And, each compliment makes my friend feel happy.

Just goes to prove, that simple gestures of kindness bring the most happiness to other people’s lives!  

What have you done recently to bring joy to someone else’s life?