Published June 2017 – Next Generation Digital Magazine
Guest Blogger – Article titled ‘Walk with Purpose’ my suggestions and tricks to help DV survivors rebuild and regain their confidence.
Source: The Next Generation Magazine

Published June 2017 – My Deal Website
My Deal interviewed 10 people for their ‘Individuals Who Rose From Struggle To Success’ series.  I was fortunate to be one of the 10 people interviewed. Link below is my interview.
Source: My Deal Website

Published June 2017 – Next Generation Digital Magazine
Self-Forgiveness Is Empowering – Self-forgiveness is empowering. To be able to recognise and acknowledge your mistakes, takes away internal conflicts that control your thoughts.
Source: The Next Generation Magazine

Podcast Interview February 2017 – The Ugly Daughter
Survival isn’t a destination; it’s a journey – My friend Amanda is one of the rape victims and survivors. After she had lived with the shame and guilt for many decades, she’s ready to face her demons and deal with the horrific past head on. I’m grateful that she’s willing to share her journey with us today with the hope that she could inspire and bring some comfort for some of you out there that have gone through the terrible ordeal by sharing her story.
Source: The Ugly Daughter Podcast

Published July 2016 – Forget Me Not Advocacy Group
Happiness – Is happiness a state of mind? What does happiness mean? This article is my viewpoint on what it means to me.
Source: Forget Me Not Group

Published July 2016 – Talented Ladies Club
How I built a new life after domestic abuse – Read how one brave woman escaped an abusive relationship with her daughter… and built a happier new life for them both.
Source: Talent Ladies Club

Published July 2016 – Forget Me Not Advocacy Group
The power of a parent’s unconditional love – When I was finally able to break free from a 10 year violent and abuse relationship, my survivor and fighting instincts took over.
This is my personal journey on how I coped and rebuilt my life whilst teaching my daughter to be confident and self-reliant.
Source: Forget Me Not Group

Published May 2016 – The 2 Sided Project
Watch Me Soar. How I coped with depression – This article is a personal story of how I struggled with depression. My aim by sharing my story is to inspire and motivate others to not give up and keep moving forward.
Source: The 2 Sided Project