Humanity is hurting, it’s crying out for help… will you help me to make a difference? 


img_2503-1Another terrorists attack, the second in a week for the UK…

Humanity is hurting, it’s crying out for help. 

As any parent knows you don’t reward a child’s bad behaviour by giving them attention. Because the message they receive is, ‘if I’m bad mum/dad gives me attention’.

By promoting and sharing vile acts of cowardliness including bullying, gang violence and all forms of violence against humanity, we are giving these cowards their 5 minutes of fame. This only motivates them to continue.

We need to stand united and show these cowards that we are not afraid, we will not let you ruin our world, and we will not lower ourselves to your standard, for we are better than you.

I am reaching out to everyone reading this and asking for your help… for one week share and promote stories and quotes that inspire, motivate and show respect for humanity. (Use hashtag #SupportPositive to show you are taking the challenge)

For one week, let’s not give the cowards their 5 minutes of fame.

It won’t magically change the world overnight, but it’s a start… and we need to start somewhere.

We need to try, if we don’t then, there will be no world worth saving for future generations.

All it takes is one person to inspire change – will you be that one person?