Self forgiveness is empowering… forgive yourself & obtain inner peace 


img_3170Self forgiveness is empowering. To be able to recognise and acknowledge your mistakes, takes away internal conflicts that control your thoughts.

No more stress or continually replaying events over and over in your mind. No more, ‘what ifs’, ‘if I could turn back time’ or emotionally beating yourself up. All these things are useless and unproductive.

Reality is, there are no ‘what ifs’, no way to ‘turn back time’. There is only truth, truth that you made a mistake.

You will never obtain inner peace until you forgive yourself. – Amanda Ray

I recommend writing, as a way of releasing the hurt or anger. Write from the heart, get in touch with your feelings.

When I acknowledged and recognised a regret I was holding onto for years. I got my journal out and wrote from my heart. I connected with the old hurt feelings.

I was surprised that I felt anger with myself. Disappointment that I didn’t feel strong enough at the time to stand up for myself. And, sadness for the people who where affected by mistake.

As I poured all these feelings out, I had tears running down my face. It was hard to acknowledge and write about, but I knew I had to continue, to release all the penitent up feelings of regret.

I then shared it with the other person who was affected by my mistake. I didn’t ask for forgiveness from them. All I wanted was to let them know that I had acknowledged I was wrong.

I thought forgiving myself would be difficult but it wasn’t. I don’t know if that’s the same for everyone. But I do believe, that by writing from my heart and connecting with the feelings did help in releasing the stress I was holding in my body.

I cried for some time but then a sense of contentment overcame me. It was like a weight had shifted from my body. And, then total inner peace and acceptance.

When you get to this point, that’s when you know that you have forgiven yourself.

I had forgiven myself and healed a important relationship in my life.

Self forgiveness is empowering. When you learn to forgive, your life will change. It’s like taking off dark sunglasses and seeing your life and the world around you, with new eyesight.

All those old hopes and dreams return, everything and anything seems possible again. You are open to the wonderful opportunities that come your way.

As you continue to recognise mistakes and forgive yourself, your life will become more satisfying and peaceful.

Let go of past mistakes and hurts. Forgive and empower yourself. Live the life you were meant to live. And, be at peace with yourself.