To the world, I say – earning more & more money is good but should never limit the purpose of our existence.  


Since writing my article about the amazing work of Dr Sunil Kumar Hebbi and his foundation, I have done more research on the challenges faced by the lack of adequate healthcare in India.

It is estimated that the lack of diagnostic tools and unexperienced healthcare professional in rural areas is contributing to the appalling state of rural healthcare in India.

Highly sought after professional and experienced practitioners is required, however due to geographic access it is difficult to get professional doctors wanting to work in these areas.

The other challenge faced by medical practitioners is the high incident of doctors being attacked and killed in rural India.

That’s why the work of Dr Hebbi and his colleagues is so critical… and, it’s a story that needs to be shared with the world.

Dr HebbiAR – Good morning, Dr Hebbi it’s a pleasure to talk with you again.

Dr Hebbi – Thank you, Amanda it’s always a pleasure to talk with you.

AR – Dr Hebbi, can you summarise what services you provide, in case some of our readers missed the first article.

Dr Hebbi – Certainly, Amanda. The foundation provides free or low cost medical attention to people living in economically backward class. We conduct medicals in camps every week, government schools, old age homes, slums, construction sites and local communities.

We are now providing first aid training, awareness about organ donation and basic health talks.

AR – Thank you. Last time we talked you wanted to mention a new project that your foundation is undertaking. Can you explain a bit more about this?

Dr Hebbi – The project was originally called Vatsalya we have since changed the name to ‘Humanity Charitable Clinic’. It began in March, 2010 and I happy to say that it’s a fully self-sustainable project.  

It is based in Bangalore rural, Karanatka and provides low to no cost healthcare to the people in the area.

AR – What future plans do you have for ‘Humanity Charitable Clinic’?

Dr Hebbi – We intend to reach larger areas around Bangalore and neighbouring villages, tribes and highways. Maybe after some years we want to cover the whole state of Karnataka. 

AR – That’s an impressive plan, I wish you well with it. Are the same volunteers and doctors from the foundation assisting with the project?

Dr Hebbi – Yes, but I have been blessed with many others volunteering their time and services.  

We now have a dentist, Dr N Pradeep Kumar. Many people in the poorer areas have no concept of dental hygiene, so his experience is invaluable.  

And, Dr Bhanu Prakash, a neuro-surgeon has come on-board. His expertise is invaluable with our older patients.  

The other volunteer we have been blessed with is Nagarajan Iyer, who is a Medical representative of Reddy Pharmacy. This means we are able to get medicines for our patients.  

AR – Since starting the foundation, you now have a ‘Mobile Dr Clinic’ and the ‘Humanity Charitable Clinic’. What is the message you want to share with the world?

Dr Hebbi – I want the world to know about our appalling healthcare in old aged homes, slums and camps. To urge people to please donate supplies or money so we can continue our work. Also, to say to others, that you too can start similar initiatives around the world.

It’s about promoting basic healthcare for everyone and to provide a structure for Medico’s and non-Medico volunteers.

AR – To me I see it as creating social change and consciousness, for humanity to stand united to bring about change and harmony in the world. Would you agree with that Dr Hebbi?

Dr Hebbi – yes, yes definitely. We need to help others.

AR – Before we finish is there anything else you would like to say?

Dr Hebbi – Yes, I would like to say thank you to our donors and sponsors. Without your generosity we would not be able to operate. Most of the funding until now has been from my own hard earned money, so I’m grateful to these people.

To the world, I say – earning more and more money is good but should never limit the purpose of our existence.  

Please we need more assistance and volunteers to continue our work. Our charity is transparent so 95% of donations go straight into helping us buy medical supplies.  

AR – Dr Hebbi, thank you again for your time. It’s been my honour and pleasure to speak with you.

Dr Hebbi – Amanda, thank you. And, I also want to acknowledge your volunteer role as Media Consultant. 

What you are doing in getting our message out to the world and this has provided hope to all of us.  

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