Walk with Purpose… Confidence is Empowering


I wasn’t sure what to write about until I saw my reflection in a shop window, not a good look, shoulders slumped, head down.

I wasn’t feeling confident and my posture and walk showed it. I looked like someone who didn’t have a purpose.

Walk with Purpose, that’s it, what a great idea for an article!

img_2667When I’m working with survivors of domestic violence or bullying one of the first things I teach them is faking confidence.

Why? Have you ever sat people watching in a mall? Notice how some people appear nervous or more confident.

People, who appear confident, walk with purpose. Doesn’t necessarily mean they are more confident. They know the tricks that make them appear confident. They know that when you look confident you feel confident.

So what are these little tricks? First and most important one is posture.

People who walk with slumped shoulders, eyes down cast appear nervous. They give the impression that they don’t know where they are going. That life is just too hard and to bullies it says, victim!

Working with survivors of domestic violence or bullying, the last thing I want is for them to be perceived as victims. I want them to give the impression that screams confidence and a good posture is critical.

Start by shrugging your shoulders up to your ears, bringing them back down while pushing your shoulder blades together.

It may feel uncomfortable as your muscles aren’t used to it, so start off by doing this several times a day until it feels more natural.

I have even gone so far as putting duct tape across the back of the some people’s shoulders. Yes, duct tape.

By placing duct tape vertically down the centre of each shoulder blade, then another piece connecting the two horizontally through the middle. Every time they slouch or hunch the duct tape pulls tight reminding them to straighten their shoulders.

Posture straight, chin down (neutral) and eyes forward. Next you’re walking pace and whether your heel hits the ground first or your toes.

A person with confidence will generally walk brisk with heels hitting the ground first and feet pointing straight ahead, and then rolling onto their toes to push off into their next step.

Now you have the ‘Walk with Purpose’ look that says, look out world, here I come!

I get people to practice working on their posture and walking style every day and to write down how it makes them feel.

By the end of a month, they tell me that they feel more confident and they notice that people respond to them differently.

If you look confident you can pull of anything, even if you have no clue what you are doing

Yes, it’s truly amazing that when you give the impression you are confident, a person who is comfortable with who they are, you have an air of appeal or authority.

What happens is when you speak, people listen and when walking down the street, people will move out of your way.

Giving the impression you are confident, is not the same as having confidence.

What I have found is that when people feel the amazing results for themselves, they now want to be naturally confident.

This is when the real hard work of rebuilding their self-confidence begins.