‘Give, even if you only have a little’ – Buddha


helping othersAs many readers know, I’m the Australian representative for CEN a refugee camp in South Africa.  Their strength and resilience, continues to amaze me.  No blame, no poor me or victim mentality.  And, I think that I’m helping them!

Reality is they have helped me.

Helped me to see clearly as to what is important in life, to be grateful for everything I have and to not give up hope.

In Western society many people want more, more money, more power, more material wealth -more this and more that.  Many will waste their lives and sacrifice their health and families in the pursuit to have more.

When we can’t get these things, we feel like we have failed because many people attribute material wealth with success.  And, if we do achieve these successes instead of being satisfied we strive to obtain more, more money, more power and more material wealth.

Then I think about Kaskil (my contact in South Africa) and the recent email I received, where he states ‘We have experienced several diseases and deaths of some survivors and students’ parents’.

Western medicines can cure these diseases and illness and I ask myself, ‘where is the justice?’

That’s when I get it!  We are not here to get more material wealth and things; we are here to help our fellow human beings.

Western countries have the intelligence, wealth, education and medicines to help countries and our own communities.  It’s not about us wanting and striving for more.

Life is about us growing spiritually and mentally as people,
so we can give back and help others.