The Community Empowerment Network (CEN)


I’m the Australian representative for CEN; my goal is to create awareness throughout Western countries to the plight of refugees in Western Tanzania. My long term goal is to raise funds so I can go to Western Tanzania and help young girls and adult women rebuild their confidence.

I interviewed Kaskil, Coordinator for CEN about the organisation, why it was formed and what it hopes to achieve.

CENThe Community Empowerment Network (CEN) is a local community network of organizations that operates within Nyarugusu, a UN refugee camp in Western Tanzania, which is the home of the refugees from Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, and Ethiopia.

Facts, events and the difficulties of life are relatively translated to many factors in Nyarugusu including, traumas relate to harsh events connected to war conflicts that broke in their home countries resulting to ethnic conflicts, discrimination, among the Nyarugusu grassroots. In fact, refugee children are the very victims of those consequences socially, psychologically and economically.

More than 60% of the population in Nyarugusu Camp are children, however even if life is difficult for almost everyone in the re refugee camps, but it is much worse for women and children in that, according to GBV and child protection department, for the most part, cases of domestic violence women and children are skyrocketing and observed to every corner in refugee camp residents.

So discrimination among children from different ethnic groups, hard child labour and sexual exploitation for girls, whereas 6 minors and 4 adults are being raped every month, unwanted pregnancies; and by nature, these crimes violence and child abuse tend to affect school-age children and teens. So impoverished parents, in their turn, desire to give their children a better life by painting a vision of a wealthy generation full of warm beds, nutritious meals educations and a chance to break all the barriers of domestic violence against women and children and that of poverty.

Therefore this project is intended to restore, demonstrate and rebuild true love, hope, and confidence to the less fortunate children and their parents; in an effort to improve the skills and initiate income generating projects for project self -reliance.


The goal is to see most marginalized and disadvantaged children especially girls, are safe, healthy, educated, hopeful and achieving their potential.

Our Approach

Together with our Partners, Children Training Centre (CTC) is committed to protect every child’s rights and keep them safe, healthy, educated, hopeful to reach the most deprived and marginalized young lives.

However, there are many, projects justified in the name of child rights, but, our plans at Children Training Centre (CTC) are still a unique approach in that we are yet the only Children project that provides English Trainings to refugee children, we practically and rigorously care for children and parents affected by Domestic Violence and create free space for them to act, not just for words, but practically safely, healthy, hopeful in order to achieve their potential.

Goal and Objectives 

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the nature and scope of the domestic violence and abuse against children.
  • Ensure that families service providers, child protection bodies and local authorities understand child rights, child development and child protection, particularly in relation to children abuse.
  • Created sustainable solutions for families and communities to address the root causes of young child abuse.
  • Ensure that these solutions are part of a comprehensive model for early childhood development that fosters children’s holistic physical, cognitive and psycho-social growth.

So we will achieve this through:

  • Providing English trainings as a second language
  • Provide a hot meal to children at school.
  • Train children and women on livelihood skills supporting income generating projects.
  • Conduct counselling and guidance to children and parents.


The program is projected up to three years first in the Nyarugusu refugee camp, the Project will be run in two semester each year. 150 kids aged between 5-years old to 12 years old from the primary school.

150 youths from the secondary school. We plan to keep the project an but it should be an ongoing one in the Burundi and in DRC up to when the children have been fully-grown and able to meet  for their own needs, such as expressing themselves freely in English as a second language.

The children project will have established staff and other volunteer workers who will be given appropriate trainings and will also by volunteers that can come and provide different training and any support for their development growth.


This project is intended to be implemented in the Nyarugusu refugee camp where we base first, and then to extend our activities in other refugee camps, in Burundi and DRC.

Please contact me if you are able to offer assistance of any kind.  CEN is seeking financial aid, educational books in English to teach children on the English language, clothing, bedding and toys for the children.