Holiday Trials & Tribulations…

I recently went on a short holiday to the Gold Coast. As usual with me, I always seem to have some type of drama on holidays.

My friend, Melissa said ‘you should write a book about your holiday disasters.’

Personally, I don’t think it would be a bestseller! So instead I have written this article just for you, Melissa.

Holiday Take 1

In May 2015, my boyfriend, a good mate and I decided to go for a short holiday to Stradbroke Island (Straddie).

Not being a Queenslander by birth, I had never been to Straddie and couldn’t wait to get there and see the sights.

The holiday house was perfect with ocean views, big balcony and comfy chairs. Bliss! I was already imagining myself on the balcony watching the sunset.

After unpacking and settling in I headed off to bed early. The boys stayed up, drinking and chilling out for a couple of hours.

In the early hours of the morning I heard a loud crash. My boyfriend didn’t stir and little Gemma, shiatsu cross, who normally barks at her own shadow continued to snore at the end of the bed.

I could hear Kevin’s snores drifting up the stairs. Neither brave man or dog stirred, so it was up to me to check things out.

Going into the kitchen the first thing I noticed was my handbag and Andrew’s wallet was gone.

Then another sound from outside caught my attention. I ran to the front door just in time to see our car being driven away.

Awareness dawning on me… we had just been robbed!

car worst for wearOur car turned up batted and worst for wear after been taken on a joy ride. Wallets, cash and credit cards were never found.


Holiday Take 2

July 2016, I decide to fly to Perth, Western Australia to visit my dear friends. I tell myself, I’m not driving so I can’t get robbed this time!

For readers who don’t know Australia, Brisbane to Perth flight is the longest flight path in Australia. To fly nonstop is about 5 hours & 30 minutes. I was going via Melbourne which is 2 hours & 30 minutes from Brisbane, then a 4 hour flight from Melbourne to Perth.

Landed in Melbourne and connecting flight was on time, until an announcement was made saying that due to maintenance issues the flight was cancelled and passengers were being split into two groups and put on two smaller planes to Perth.

The first flight was departing at 10.00am and the second at 12.00 noon. I was fortunate to be put on the 10.00am flight. Okay, I thought, ‘that’s not too bad, only a 45 minute delay’.

I was sitting next to the flight counter, minding my own business when I heard a woman crying and pleading with the flight attendant if she could change to the earlier flight. ‘No, I’m sorry that flight is full’, replied the flight attendant.

The woman was distraught. Turns out she’s a shift worker and had just finished night shift, she was flying to Perth for her Grandma’s funeral.

I sat there thinking, ‘how would I feel if this was me?’ Yes, I swapped seats with her and took the later flight.

I had never received so many hugs of gratitude from a complete stranger before.

13 hours after leaving home, I finally landed in Perth. I could have flown halfway around the world in that time!

Holiday Take 3

Melbourne January 2017

My daughter lives in Melbourne so I flew down for a late Christmas. We were having a wonderful time and after spending a couple of hours shopping at SouthBank we caught the tram into the city.

As our tram was pulling into the Bourke St mall, someone was driving down the mall in the opposite direction. The driver was hitting and running over pedestrians in their path.

My daughter is a paramedic and immediately went into action, running off to help the injured and dying people.

I was allowed to stay on the side of the mall to wait for my daughter. Everyone else had been moved back several blocks from the mall. So I was all alone, just standing there and for 5 hours I witnessed and heard gut wrenching cries, sounds and images that haunted me for weeks after.

Although, it was a traumatic experience to witness, I’m grateful we were there as my daughter saved several people’s lives.


yellow line shows were I was standing for 5 hours – flower tributes to the people who died in the Bourke St mall tragedy



Holiday Take 4

Go to Surfers Paradise for long weekend in March 2017 and some guy decides to put a sticker on the driver’s side of car. I confront him, he tells me I can’t park there. I tell him I have permission from resort to park there. I mean it’s the resorts driveway not his!

Resort management come out, they have argument. I call police. Upshot after many talks from police that you can’t put stickers on people’s cars. The guy finally decides to remove sticker. Stuck so good that it takes 2 people an hour to remove.

What should have been an hour and half drive turns into a 5 hour ordeal before I can finally get into my room!


sticker size of A4 sheet of paper, stuck on with super glue!




Anyone want to come on holidays with me?
I can guarantee it will be a holiday to remember 😂

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  1. You poor thing! I would’ve been a wreck after witnessing the Bourke Street Mall Maniac. God Bless all those people who’s lives were lost, and those who still live with the memories of what they witnessed. As for that clown who super glued the sticker on your car, i would’ve super glued his nuts to the bonnet!

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