You are never too old to take risks and go for your dreams…

always a winnerHave you ever been to see a Motivational Speaker?  Like many people, your answer would be yes.

Many speakers will tell you, ‘you are never too old to take risks’.  Which is true, and more than likely they will relate a story about a famous person who took risks to get where they are today.

Me, I prefer to tell stories about everyday people taking risks.  They might not end up being famous but they took risks just the same.

I believe, when you want to relate to everyday people, it’s more meaningful to provide stories about people just like you and me, to provide hope and inspirational.

This is my favourite story I like to share… it’s about my parents and how they took a big risk to achieve a long life dream.

My parents started their married life together in poverty, living in a housing commission unit in Elizabeth, South Australia.  After many years of working hard (dad often working 2 to 3 jobs at a time), saving and always striving to better themselves, their family and life, they were financially secure.  No debts and living in a 4-bedroom home in Manly, Queensland.

Dad was in his 50’s when he changed career paths and went back to study to become an audiologists.  His desire to have his own business kept nagging him.  So my parents thought, well if we are going to do it, then it has to be now, before it’s too late.  Here they were in their late 60’s, taking out a line of credit against their home.

Their thinking was if they lost everything, well is just material possessions, more important to have no regrets when you die.

Unfortunately, within a year of setting up their business my eldest brother, their eldest child was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

This made my parents more determined to make their business work, not for the financial gain but to know in their hearts and mind, that they gave it all – no regrets.

To life a full and successful life, is to have no regrets – Amanda Ray

I am happy to tell you that after 8-years, they sold the business for a profit, to a national company.  They will live out their lives in luxury and contentment, knowing they lived their lives to the fullest.

What I have learned, is that we can overcome most things, if we really want to.  It’s fear based on our ego or mind that stops us.  ‘What if this happens?’ ‘What if I fail?’ and on our mind will go.

Our mind will tells us every reason why we can’t do something.  Listen to your heart and feelings, does it feel right?  If yes, then go for it.  Whatever the outcome, you will always come out a winner because you tried.