‘If you want to achieve your goals, help others achieve their goals’ – Zig Ziglar

We all have different ways to keep ourselves motivated.  I like to share with my readers other people’s ideas.

People who have the courage to publicly share their stories deserve to have them published.  It’s not easy sharing yourself or your story.  You make yourself vulnerable and open to judgements and criticism.

So when Aniket Patil a student from the University of Texas contacted me and wanted to share his writings, I immediately said ‘yes’.

Aniket is determined to succeed in life and his writing keeps him focused.  Not unlike, people who use journals to write about their day and feelings.

I have pleasure in sharing Aniket’s article titled, ‘The Waterfall’.  The Waterfall represents all the goodness flowing from heaven.

waterfallIn life there are many goals that you set, many things that you wish for.  These things are important to you in ways that people may or may not understand.

Success is what paves the way for more success.  Is this statement true?  Maybe?

Every step that you take, every restriction that you impose on yourself, every sleepless night that you spend contributes to making you more competent and more trained to accomplish what you want.  But there is another thing that increases with these efforts, the fear of failure.

While trying and working hard you visualize the times when you would succeed and emerge a winner, when you will call your mamma and say, ‘Mamma, your baby is a winner’.

Then you feel the calmness and peace spreading through your mind and body, pushing you into tranquillity.

And, when you fall short and don’t reach the summit, all these images, all these projections they come crashing down and hit you like a juggernaut.

People around you say, ‘don’t worry; this isn’t the end of your life’.  What they don’t understand is that this was the end of hundreds of feelings that you could have given to people who loved you.

All the hours of training, to get you to this point are gone before you even started.  And, all you see is a road, an endless road, nothing but a vast expanse.

At such times, remember there is a light in your heart.  This light is waiting to be reached and made brighter.  You got to realize that you are the same person who had fallen down broken and thought of giving up.

You are the person guy who had gone through all the pains and difficulties.  You are the same person who had been thinking, ‘no, I cannot do this’.

YOU are the same person who had broken down and cried.  But, you came out of all that; YOU pulled yourself through all of that.

All your training and your hard work brings you up to the platform but it is you who has to take the leap, you who jumped with the danger of crashing on the ground 15feet below but you took hold of the rope and gripped it with a power you have never ever seen before and you know that YOU ARE THE ONE.

You know the reach of your capabilities is far more than you thought it was.  Your palms won’t give up even when they are being burned and skinned, because they know what this means to you.

Understand this is the power in you, unleash the power, break all barriers and do away with all reservations, because in the end what is important is the victory of your mind.

In the end it is not about getting that medal but hardening and proving your mettle.  At the end of it the entire world will know.

‘He will have all the things he deserves in life.  He will decide what he deserves and no one will give it to him.  He will take it with both hands and not let go’