SOARConfidence stands for Self-forgiveness, Outcome is Acceptance & Rebuilding of Confidence.

SOARConfidence was originally created to help survivors of domestic violence to rebuild and take back control of their lives.

It has now evolved to include all forms of challenges that people face on a daily basis.  It’s a community site for ordinary people, living extraordinary lives.  Sharing their stories of courage to inspire and give hope to others facing challenges.

My work now includes humanitarian services, volunteering my time to the people that the world has forgotten…  by giving them a voice.

My aim and purpose is to inspire people to challenge their own beliefs of the world, to raise their awareness to seek self-understanding.  By doing this they will gain a greater awareness of others and global suffering.

Life is about helping and inspiring others to be the best they can,
regardless of gender or race.

Changing people’s lives one day at a time.

BIO: Amanda spent 10 years in an abusive relationship, she lost her sense of self, her confidence and self-esteem, truly believing that she was ‘fat, ugly and worthless’.  Now she wants to give back and share with others her  ‘lessons learned’ on how she regained control of her life.

Amanda is available for podcast interviews, speaking engagements, guest blogger.

Amanda Ray is a registered Australian business ABN 13 097 571 733

Awards & Humanitarian Projects

CENAustralian representative for CEN: Community Empowerment Network, refugee camp in South Africa I have taken on the task of being their voices to the Western world.

My goal is to raise social consciousness, to inspire the world to sit up and take notice of global suffering. To realise that yes, we are one world and all of humanity matters.

You can support by donating via GoFundMe – Giving Hope Project

Global-Presence-Humanitarian-LogoHonorary Global Presence Ambassador
The Global Presence is a humanitarian organization committed to a more dynamic educational process for Life Skills.